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Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone

Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone
Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone
Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone
Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone
Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone
Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone
Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone
Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone

Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone

AcuRite Wireless Home Station (01536) With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone Weather Monitoring. Real-Time Weather Ticker for Hyperlocal Home Weather Forecasting. Share Your Data Through My AcuRite App and Connect to Weather Underground. Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Direction and Rainfall Totals. Set Alerts to Always Know Environmental Conditions in Your Home.

American Based Company in Lake Geneva, WI, USA. Stay connected to the things that matter most. Check your weather forecast and current conditions without ever having to turn on the news.

Whether you are a weather enthusiast or just want to know if you should be wearing shorts or a sweatshirt, the AcuRite 5-in-1 weather station is perfect for you. Access your weather data through AcuRite PC Connect. The professional weather station includes a 5-in-1 sensor that measures your outdoor conditions. The 5-in-1 connects wirelessly to a color indoor display that, when connected to a PC, will collect your weather in a data file so that you can view your weather history. Wind Speed and Wind Direction. Outdoor and Indoor Temperature and Humidity.

Future Forecast with Barometric Pressure. Weather Ticker that streams real time informations such as "feels like" temperature and moon phase. PC Connect System Requirements: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7; 1.6 GHz or higher processor, 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit), Available USB port. Not sure if you need an umbrella or if you should put on a pair of shorts?

With the AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Station, you will always know the outdoor conditions right outside your door with out having to step outside or turn on the news. Need to know what the weather is going to be in your neighborhood and not 40 miles away? The display has a Self-Calibrating Forecast that pulls data from the sensor in your backyard to give you the most accurate 12-24 hour forecast for your exact location. Temperature and humidity play a large part in the health of your home. Too high of humidity can cause mold to grow making your home unhealthy for you and your loved ones.

The AcuRite 5-in-1 display reads your indoor temperature and humidity so that you always know your homes health. Access Your Weather Data Online with My AcuRite. Easily access your weather station information on the My AcuRite website so that you are always in the know.

Set alerts so that you can react quicker to hazards such as high winds or excessive rain fall. App for Android and iOS. On the go and need to know what the weather is doing? You can view the weather right in your backyard as well as see a future forecast and your set alerts. You can stream your local weather station data to the My AcuRite mobile apps, or share it with online weather communities like Weather Underground with Rapid Fire updates (requires display to be connected to an always-on computer and internet connection).

Download your personal weather station data to a computer as a data file (CSV, or comma-separated values, record). The weather measurements gathered from your AcuRite sensors are recorded in the data file at 12-minute intervals and organized in clearly labeled columns. Emperature, Humidity, & Wind Speed. 18-36 seconds depending on measurement.

10-30 seconds depending on measurement. When display is connected to a dedicated computer via USB.

Yes - Includes AcuRite Access Hub. Accurately measure temperature, humidity, rain, wind speed, and wind direction with the AcuRite 5-1 Professional Weather Station. It features a color display with weather tiker, giving you real-time information at a glance. Conveniently view your weather sensors from virtually anywhere on a smartphone, tablet, or computer using the My AcuRite app.

This weather station also includes a USB port for your computer to store, track, and analyze weather history. Easily share your weather station forecasting data with weather communities like Weather Underground.

Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 7 x 8.1 inches. Item Weight: 3.6 Pounds. Batteries: 4 AA batteries required.

Best Sellers Rank: #3,581 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #9 in Weather Stations. Included Components: Digital Display with PC Connect^5-in-1 Weather Sensor^USB cable^mounting bracket^mounting hardware^power adapter.

App only works with computers up 100% of the time. I really like the item and it works great however if I want to use the app portion of that I have to have a computer signed on all the time 100% of the time that's not feasible so as a relates to that part of it I'm not real happy with but everything else is perfect. The screen is too busy with too much data. Need sub screen for more detail. Works as good as the mdl 2064 that died after years of use.

They are reliable and accurate. I have nothing to compare it to check accuracy, just fun to watch daily weather. My dad loves it it's been working great easy to put up easy to set up. Gives some idea of exterior weather.

Hard to locate for true wind measure. If located on roof makes rain gauge cleaning difficult. Display hard to see at eye level, view is best from top looking down. Super easy to set up, bright screen, and accurate. I find myself checking the LCD screen every time I walk by it in my kitchen.

I was so easy to set up. I just screwed the holder that came with the weather station into one of my fence posts and that was it.

You have to make sure to put fresh AA batteries in the weather station as well as the base unit otherwise it won't work. I love my weather Station!!! Nice to know the wind. Easy to understand even for dummies.

Works great, easy to set up and read. Will order a 2nd one for my mother. Works after tech support assistance. Harder to hook up than expected but tech support worked me through my issues.

Screen is washed out but readable. All the features that the weatherman tells us! Exactly what we wanted to keep track of rain and humidity, wind, temp etc living by the water. Need bridge to monitor on app.

Lots of features, like wind speed, and wind direction, that more expensive units do not have. Was a great birthday present for my wife. Has many features that much more expensive units do not have. Have been using it for a year in the desert of New Mexico. A very harsh environment with high winds, high temperatures, and constant blowing dust.

It's still working that's a plus. Cons; Little to no instructions for mounting the sensor. 10' was not high enough in my case for wind speed. Fun and interesting weather station.

This is a good hobby unit for weather geeks. It does a pretty good job with temperature, humidity and wind speed/direction. The lighted display is nice and easy to read.

Only drawback is the rain gauge is a little insensitive to light rain or drizzle. It takes a good 1/8' of rain to even trigger a reading and then it's lagging behind by about 1/8' from my traditional test tube rain gauge. If you have heavy rain, it will work well, just not for drizzle or brief showers.

Don't need a night lite in the kitchen. Works better in the US but its good overseas as well.

Read everything easy from the comfort of my home. Up and running soon after removing from box. As advertized in every way. Other then that it works great. If you want to know what's going on outside get one of these.

My friend had one of these and it pooped out after a few years and he asked me to order him a new one. So I asked if he wanted the upgrade and he did. He is just in love with this thing it tells him everything he needs to know. He's got a big ranch and always worried about the weather. It is not designed to operate as advertised in the southern hemisphere where I live.

Overall the unit works well but needs to be installed as if it was in the northern hemisphere. I will need to turn the wind vane through 180 deg to set it up for my locale and that will require a bit of very careful work. I would have thought that the correct wind vane could have been supplied. The other problem I had was that the power supply was meant for north American power sockets - ours are quite different.

Again I would have thought that the suppliers would have made sure that the correct one was supplied. The unit was made in China and they have the same power outlets as we do. Great product but software download from USA blocked (not essential for me). Is as what was expected.

So far it's what I wanted. I hope to update this in a few months. Mounted on pole about 8' off ground 100' in front of house. Havent calibrated the rain gauge but seems fairly accurate right now as we got some rain already, temps in and outside are right on.

It says it takes about 2 weeks to'learn your weather' but the ticker is reading pretty good now too. Dont feel the need to hook this up to PC. Durability is at 4stars now , will bump to 5 after 6-9months of use, if it holds up. Just wish it had WiFi capabilities. I don't have it connected to my PC which is something I originally wanted to do but I want the display out in the open hallway where everyone can see it rather than sitting beside by computer desk in the office. When I upgrade, I'll get the wireless feature. I had this thing up an running quickly and easily. The first time the data logger became full (after about a month), I lost connection with the outside unit and had to do a reset which was depressing losing all my alltime high/low data. But, its worked flawlessly ever since that glitch and I've had a data logger full warning for the past 3 months with no loss of connection. I'm kinda concerned about the wind calibration on it. It stays pretty accurate with the other weather stations but we just had a wind storm yesterday and my unit only registered a high of 39mph while the airport 5 mi. From my property measured 49mph and other stations in ohio got to 59mph. I don't know for certain, but I'm pretty sure my winds were above 39mph. I'm wondering if it loses accuracy with higher winds. This is an amazing machine and easily set up. There was a remote control I think was suppose to come with the weather station I order, if I'm wrong sorry.

But the Station is working great and this makes 2 of them I have had, they, re Great. Not a computer expert can not figure out how to down load on to PC. It also works with the older displays.

I bought this to replace an older one that stopped working. However I haven't been able to get the app to work. Easy setup just find a spot far enough from house to get correct wind. I really enjoy my weather station.

It is very accurate and has a lot of functions to help me out. I really like how bright it is and when I don't want it to be shining bright I can just tap the top and it goes dark. Very , very nice weather station. This unit replaced the same brand station.

Kidhager9 or fw4478 very good weather station. Added raspberry pi with weewx for online use to update weather services. Has a strong signal into the house with the indoor base station about 100 feet away. I put weather station on top a separate garage from the house about 20 feet in the air. It's been running strong for about 3 weeks so far.

Was a good price and so far a very good deal. Also bought the separate battery pack with 33 feet extension so I don't have to change the batteries 20 feet in the air.

Thanks Acurite for good product I always wanted a good weather station. Will need Acurite Access to work with My Acurite App and Weather Underground. Took a little work to get it connected to Acurite Access but after tech support and a firmware update it's been 100% since. Gives us all the outside information that we need. My husband and my 8yo daughter love it!

She is'forecast lady' in the house lol. So, they both seems me enjoy this instrument very much. My husband did the installation and it was not difficult at all. Working great since we got it!

Perfect gift for my husband. Easy to install and set up.

It was easy to install and it has been a week and is working great. Rain and wind gauge are great, just temp.

Temp part quit after one year. Readout goes crazy when trying to set it us now. The range is exellent I have the sensor a good 250+ feet from the house. And its about 15feet above the sensor(house).

Only drawback is no real time data without sending it off and getting it back. That is really silly to me. 12 min updates are brutaly slow. Wish I can get the real time data.

Looks good and thank you. This one works first one did not work.

Enjoy the backlight and wide range of options. Our model didn't come with a remote. Have not set it up it's a gift but looks like everything is there.

Works great except for a grinding noise during the day. I think it may be a fan inside. I may have to request a replacement.

Big improvement over previous model. Great product and works well. Some calibration required for rain gauge because it was reading about 15% higher than actual, instructions were easy to follow.

Died after 2 years of operation. The sensor has to be in the sun for the wireless to work.

I was trying to get the link up from inside after changing batteries. As soon as I put it in the sun, a motor started running and the link established. I really like this weather station.

I use it every day. But after 2 years it completely died. I replaced the batteries in the sensor in March 2018 as I do annually.

18 it died and didn't recover with fresh batteries. I used rechargeable AA batteries this time and I will go to alkaline to see if that helps but I doubt it.

The last alkaline batteries only lasted 6 months when the wireless died. Weather proof and sun will not rot it. This was a replacement, after another maker's blew down. Great product easy to install and use! If your installation requires an automatic report on the internet without a PC, you need to add to this kit either AcuRite'Access for Remote Monitoring' or a'Smarthub. I like the easy install. Dislike the having to stay connected to a computer.

Luckily had an old 1gb acer that is the baby-sitter! Works great we will see how long it lasts.

It's exactly as advertised. But so does the family (and our neighbors) because we can ALL tap into the app and see what the conditions are like at the house how much rain.

I gave this to my dad for Christmas and he loves it, but so does the family (and our neighbors) because we can ALL tap into the app and see what the conditions are like at the house (how much rain, how windy). The screen is easy to see and really eye pleasing. It's a lot of fun, interesting, and really useful (especially with the rain and flooding in New Orleans). Works well easy to read and set up.

Easy to set up and install. Would highly recommend this product to friends. Definitely use the Color Display. That is the BEST thing you could have for weather.

I have been so impressed by how dead on it is. My Dad has every thing and he loved this as a gift, (he didn't have this). New color screen indoors works great and ready to go from the box.

I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift and he loves it. He attached to device for outside on a 2 by 4. Then he painted it to match the color of the house.

He found it to be very accurate. Easy to install, gives you all the weather info you need, can't think of anything negative to say. This is my 3rd electronic weather station the previous ones where Digitech similar in cost but no comparison. Bought it as gift for mom.

Easy for her to operate and app is cool as well! Very professional and accurate instrument! It appears to show the weather correctly from all the sensors. This is the second one of these I bought. The first is in the country on a pole.

This station is on the roof ridge held up with a four leg support I made from 1 1/4' aluminum angle stock. I screwed the station to a treated wood board 4' x 8', then bolted the board to the legs. I screwed the legs to the roof with deck screws covered in silicone. I also attached the four legs to each other with lengths of #6 wire joined into one ground wire. This unit has a remote battery pack and its wire goes down to the eve along with the ground wire which continues down to the house service ground stake.

Works well, logging function is great but buggy. I deducted one star due to the connection issues. Ensure USB mode 3 is turned on. The connection issues are still a little buggy but tend to work more often than not.

My office is a metal container and the 5-in-one wireless sensor connects easily! I kind of wish it wasn't always actively on since it's bright but other than that its been spectacular. Currently holding well about 5 feet above the roof and it's a snow and rain storm in Minnesota. Meet all my specs better than i exspected it to.

I basically like everything about the station except that the monitor can't.. I basically like everything about the station except that the monitor can't be seen other than by looking at it straight on. If you're sitting or standing its hard to see it while its on its stand. Otherwise enjoying the weather station.

Great functionality and reliability with a display that is easy.. Great functionality and reliability with a display that is easy to read with all the information available at one view. After my last (a different brand) display failed, for the 4th time in about the same number of years, I settled on the AcuRite 01036PROS:Compared to my last display I find navigating through features/options on the 01036 very user friendly. The number of features/options, layout, color background, and weather ticker were pluses for me. The final pluses were being able to save to a csv file, and the price was right.

The initial setups were no problem. For the weather sensor unit, I was able to use the same 2 sectioned 2' dia. Pvc pipe already attached to the side of the house. CONS:Looking up at the display when mounted on a wall, it is very difficult if not impossible to read. My weather display is wall mounted just above my computer monitor, and I had to tilt the top of the display out from the wall about 1/2' in order to get a clear view from a setting position. Luckily the tilting did not affect other viewing positions that badly. I live about 1 1/2 miles from a small airport with less than a 5' difference in altitude, and my barometric pressure (after the 1st calibration) was off right at.

Decided to reset the unit, and now the BP is off right at. No recommendations for fixing this problem helps. A user correction input should have been be a must. Choosing between a 4 star or 5 star... 4 star because of display viewing problems, and incorrect BP readings.

But I can't get the'screen numbers'.. But I can't get the'screen numbers' to match what is sent to the computer. The display screen always shows 2 to 5 digits more than what is on the computer screen.

Other than that, it seems fairly accurate. Please help if yo know of a solution. Worked great right out of the box. We've had it about a month and enjoy getting all the info we need about the weather before we head out for the day.

Completely enjoying my weather station, esp. Have not experimented with computer connect but would have preferred to have WIFI connectivity. Weather Station Transmits weather wirelessly Easy to use and install. Its best than I expected! I really love it gave a 4 dud bit receive the remote.. I really love it gave a 4 dud bit receive the remote as shown or the stand for the Weather Sensor do not know how to contact them in order to let them know.

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Wireless Home Station Weather Monitoring With 5-1 Sensor And Android IPhone